Green Arrow #4: The Archer's Quest
by Brad Meltzer, Phil Hester (DC Comics, 2003)

Filmmaker Kevin Smith was charged with bringing Green Arrow back from the dead. Bestselling novelist Brad Meltzer was given the task of setting the beloved character back on the road to success.

How better to do that then with a road trip with an old friend?

Green Arrow, still coming to grips with his return from the dead and once again partnered with his old sidekick Roy Harper (Arsenal, nee "Speedy"), sets out to collect a bunch of items from his past. Why he needs to do it -- particularly when it puts him at odds with a fair number of his Justice League allies -- is never quite clear, but sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, after all.

There's a bit of action as Ollie and Roy cross paths of Solomon Grundy and, uh, Cat-man, and Ollie matches wits with the new Green Lantern and Flash. He also reaches a new threshold with his son, who draws a pretty mean bow himself.

This isn't groundbreaking material here, and it won't go down in the annals of DC history as a major event by any stretch. But it's fun, and it's pleasant. Sometimes, that's enough.

review by
Tom Knapp

18 April 2009

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