Annie Gallup,
Half of My Crime
(Waterbug, 2006)

Listening to Annie Gallup is a pleasure if you are someone who enjoys songwriting with imaginative storytelling.

The people in her songs are always interesting. While many people focus on songs about relationships, Annie does a great job giving us a very introspective look about a variety of characters. And her songs range from quirky to sensual.

Half of My Crime is her seventh CD. Growing up and currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Annie taught herself to play guitar listening to records by Mississippi John Hurt, Doc Watson and Dave Van Ronk. Her music could be compared to artists like Joni Mitchell or Patty Larkin.

Annie describes the characters in the songs on this CD as being wounded, lost in confusion and full of mystery. "1917" is the story of an immigrant coming to America that year. "Avalon" tells us the story of Arnie and his life when he came hone after being discharged from the army. "I Rode the Train" takes us on a ride as our character reflects on events along the way.

One of the CD's best songs is "Enough," which combines a nice melody with a reflective trip through the Midwest. "Away from the Lights" almost sounds like it could be a Tom Waits song. The woman here is sensual and mysterious, which is combined with a bluesy melody. "Almost Forgive" joins a nice melody with a reflective look at a past relationship.

Annie is backed by some good musicians including bass player Michael Viscegia, who is best known for his work with Suzanne Vega. Half of My Crime is a good collection of songs by an interesting songwriter with unique storytelling abilities.

by Dave Townsend
31 March 2007

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