Abbie Gardner,
Abbie Gardner
(Gimmie Some Ribs, 1999)

Abbie Gardner has a self-titled three-song demo EP to introduce her brand of folk music to the world. Abbie's pleasant voice and decent guitar playing left me wanting more.

Abbie is joined by her father, Herb Gardner, on keyboards, plus Greg Smith on bass and Todd Martin on drums. They all play fairly well together, although the men definitely take a backseat to the prominence of Abbie's guitar and vocals.

The first song, "Violet," is a light song where violet refers to the color (vs. a person or flower). My favorite song of the three is "Rosie Knows Something." The song is a little depressing -- but that is just the way some good songs are! I like how the guitar and piano mix so well. "Temptation" finishes the demo off with a nice light rock-folk sound. Each song easily grabs you. You will undoubtedly find yourself singing and swaying along.

I think it is too bad that this is only a demo. I, for one, really was left wanting to hear some more from Abbie. She actually has two more albums -- Tea and a Cookie and Southern Rain, which may well be worth checking out.

[ by Wil Owen ]

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