Gary Cramer ( has dithered away nearly 25 years of his professional life writing and editing true and sort-of-true stuff for such employers as a daily newspaper, a major university and several nonprofit organizations.

He was born and raised in western Pennsylvania, and lives with his cats/editorial assistants Guppy and Bandit in Alexandria, Va. Besides amassing more sci-fi/fantasy/horror/mystery books, comic books, movies and games than he has room for, he enjoys acting with community theater groups, bird watching and dreaming of retiring to the Black Isle of Scotland in his free time.

Reviews by Gary include:

Malcolm Archibald
Whales for the Wizard

Steve Berman
Vintage: A Ghost Story

David S. Brody
Cabal of the Westford Knight: Templars at the Newport Tower

Kealan Patrick Burke
The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others

Greg Egan
Dark Integers & Other Stories

Cathy Hapka
Lost: Endangered Species

H.R. Howland

Brian Lumley
The Taint & Other Novellas: Best Mythos Tales, Vol. I
Haggopian & Other Stories: Best Mythos Tales, Vol. II

John Pelan, editor
Dark Arts

Tim Powers
A Soul in a Bottle

Cherie Priest
Dreadful Skin

Dead Names: The Dark Story of the Necronomicon

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
A Mortal Glamour