Georgian Contemporary Unit,
The View You Never Get
(Solponticello, 2003)

The View You Never Get is a CD for the aficionado.

If you love guitar, banjo and drum music and enjoy experimentation with musical styles, this is the one for you. Over 13 tracks, you will be transported by the Georgian Contemporary Unit into a landscape of sounds. Some you will love, others will intrigue and a few may jar your senses.

The track titles may give an indication of the sounds. These range from "Tippoo's Tiger" through "Carillion" to "Severe Moderation Suite." I don't believe that there are any hit singles hidden in here, but as a concept album it will attract more than a few followers. As the publicity says, "Forget all you know about guitar music and begin again."

Forget your perception of what most people purchase a CD for, delve in and begin again.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 29 November 2003

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