Jayel Gibson,
(Synergy, 2007)

Jayel Gibson's Damselflies, an Ancient Mirrors tale, is about Arcinae, the sole survivor of the damselflies, who is found seriously wounded. She finds help and compassion among her rescuers, and consequently finds the energy to fight back and protect the damselflies who struggle to survive. This story is based on Celtic culture and it is a fast-paced adventure that will fascinate readers who love fantasy and adventure.

The language includes colloquialisms that date back to the medieval period, but the style is simple enough for readers to understand and follow the plot. The story offers a vivid exploration of the past cultures and a trip into the kingdom of damselflies. Interesting images and sceneries appear throughout the story, carrying a reader's imagination back to those olden times. The author creates a magical world that can certainly fascinate the fantasy audience it addresses.

At the back of the book there is a glossary to help with the strange names that appear in the story. The black-and-white sketches in the book enhance the novel and assist the reader's understanding of the mythical realms mentioned in the story. It is a remarkable piece of art that is worth reading.

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review by
Liana Metal

14 June 2008

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