Give Way,
(Greentrax, 2005)

Give Way consists of four sisters all under the age of 19 years, but this set of 11 tracks would be the pride of a dragoon of artists from all corners of the world aged up to 110.

On Inspired, the sisters -- Kirsty, Fiona, Mairi and Amy -- open with a track called "Jazziness," a set of tunes to have you pin back your ears and take notice. From there they have you hooked as they move on to a beautiful duo of tunes "Calum's Waltz" and "For the Love of Mairi" combined as "Deep in Thought."

The title track is a very personal one. It was written for the granddad of the group, who died earlier this year.

With a few vocal pieces added in, this album showcases the group to great effect as performers and on some tracks as composers. We will certainly hear a lot more from this band, but get ahead of the rush and get your copy of this album soon.

by Nicky Rossiter
14 January 2006

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