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Capes, masks & spandex: a focus on superheroes in the movies.

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Astro City
Battle Pope
Bomb Queen
Ex Machina
Gen 13
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Image/WildStorm/Homage/America's Best Comics/Top Cow

Albion, Alan Moore, Leah Moore, John Reppion

The American Way, John Ridley, Georges Jeanty

Ant: Reality Bites, Mario Gully, Marc Hammond

Aphrodite IX #1: Time Out of Mind, Dave Finch, David Wohl

The Astounding Wolf-Man
Vol. 1, Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard
Vol. 2, Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard

Astro City
• #1: Life in the Big City, Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson
• #2: Family Album, Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson
• #3: Confession, Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson
• #4: The Tarnished Angel, Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson
• #5: Local Heroes, Kurt Busiek, Brent E. Anderson

The Authority
Human on the Inside, John Ridley, Ben Oliver

Battle Pope
• #1: Genesis, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore
• #2: Mayhem, Robert Kirkman, various artists
• #3: Pillow Talk, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Cory Walker

Bomb Queen
• #1: Woman of Mass Destruction, Jimmie Robinson
• #2: Dirty Bomb, Jimmie Robinson
• #3: Bombshell, Jimmie Robinson
• #4: Suicide Bomber, Jimmie Robinson

City of Tomorrow, Howard Chaykin

Claw/Red Sonja: The Devil's Hands, John Layman, Andy Smith

Common Grounds, Troy Hickman, various artists

Cowboys & Aliens, Fred Van Lente, Andrew Foley, Luciano Lima

Cyberforce: Rising from the Ashes, various writers & artists

Danger Girl
Back in Black, Andy Hartnell, Nick Bradshaw
Body Shots, Andy Hartnell, Nick Bradshaw
The Ultimate Collection, J. Scott Campbell, Andy Hartnell

Darkness: Ultimate Collection, various artists & writers

Collected Edition Vol. 1, Karl Altstaetter, Robert Napton
Collected Edition Vol. 2, Karl Altstaetter, Robert Napton

Ex Machina
• #1: The First Hundred Days, Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris
• #2: Tag, Brian K. Vaughan, Tony Harris

The Five Fists of Science, Matt Fraction, Steve Sanders

Flight, various artists & writers

• #1: Freshmen, Hugh Sterbakov, Leonard Kirk
• #2: Fundamentals of Fear, Hugh Sterbakov, Will Conrad

Gen 13
Vol. 1: Gen 13, Jim Lee, Brandon Choi, J. Scott Campbell
Vol. 2: Lost in Paradise, Brandon Choi, J. Scott Campbell, Jim Lee
Vol. 2: Grunge Saves the World, Ken Altieri
Vol. 2: A Christmas Caper, Tom McWeeney
Vol. 2: London • New York • Hell, Warren Ellis, Steve Dillon
Vol. 2: Qeelocke's Really Big New York Adventure, Kevin Maguire
Vol. 2: Science Friction, Tom Simmons, Matt Haley, Aaron Lopresti
Vol. 2: Spider-Man, Peter David, Stuart Immonen, Joe Rosas
Vol. 2: Superman, Adam Hughes, Lee Bermejo
Vol. 2: Superhuman Like You, Adam Warren
Vol. 2: Meanwhile..., Adam Warren, various artists
Vol. 3: September Song, Chris Claremont, Ale Garza
Vol. 4: Best of a Bad Lot, Gail Simone, Talent Caldwell
Vol. 4: 15 Minutes, Simon Oliver, Carlo Barberi
Vol. 4: World's End, Scott Beatty, Mike Huddleston, Dan Hipp

• #1: Conception, Joshua & Jonathan Luna
• #2: Emergence, Joshua & Jonathan Luna
• #3: Survival, Joshua & Jonathan Luna
• #4: Extinction, Joshua & Jonathan Luna

Heroes: Vol. 1, various writers & artists

 I Love Trouble, Kel Symons, Mark Robinson

Vol. 1, William Harms, Nick Postic, Francis Tsai
Vol. 2, William Harms, Matt Timson

Invincible: Family Matters, Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker

Iron West, Doug TenNapel

Kin: Descent of Man, Gary Frank

The Last Christmas, Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Rick Remender

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Vol. I, Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill
Vol. II, Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill
Black Dossier, Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Bo Hampton, Washington Irving

Lex Talionis: A Jungle Tale, Aneurin Wright

The Life Eaters, David Brin, Scott Hampton

Madame Mirage, Paul Dini, Kenneth Rocafort

• #1: The Hero Discovered, Matt Wagner
• #2: The Hero Defined, Matt Wagner

The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln, Scott McCloud

9-11: Artists Respond, September 11th 2001, various writers & artists

The Portent, Peter Bergting

• #1: Who Killed Retro Girl?, Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming
• #2: Roleplay, Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming
• #3: Little Deaths, , Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming
• #4: Supergroup, Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming
• #5: Anarchy, Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming
Reviews of issues 6 and up can be found under Marvel/Icon

Vol. I, Alan Moore, Mick Gray, J.H. Williams
Vol. II, Alan Moore, J.H. Williams
Vol. III, Alan Moore, J.H. Williams
Vol. IV, Alan Moore, Mick Gray, J.H. Williams

Red Menace, Danny Bilson, Paul Demeo, Adam Brody, Jerry Ordway

Sea of Red
• #1: No Grave But the Sea, Rick Remender, Kieron Dwyer, Salgood Sam
• #2: No Quarter, Rick Remender, Kieron Dwyer, Paul Harmon

Spawn: Blood & Shadows, Paul Jenkins, Ashley Wood

Storming Paradise, Chuck Dixon, Butch Guice, Rick Burchett, Eduardo Barreto, Fernando Blanco

Suburban Glamour, Jamie McKelvie

Superman/Thundercats, Judd Winick, Ale Garza

The Sword
• #1: Fire, Jonathan & Joshua Luna
• #2: Water, Jonathan & Joshua Luna
• #3: Earth, Jonathan & Joshua Luna

Tomb Raider
• #1: Saga of the Medusa Mask, Dan Jurgens, Andy Park
• #2: Mystic Artifacts, Dan Jurgens, Andy Park

Tom Strong: Book One, Alan Moore

Top 10
Vol. 1, Alan Moore, Gene Ha, Zander Cannon
Vol. 2, Alan Moore, Gene Ha, Zander Cannon

The Twilight Experiment, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Juan Santacruz

Ultra: Seven Days, Jonathan & Joshua Luna

Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies, Ian Edginton, Davide Fabbri

The Walking Dead
• Vol. 1: Days Gone By, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore

Wanted, Mark Millar, J.G. Jones

Welcome to Tranquility
Vol. 1, Gail Simone, Neil Googe
Vol. 2, Gail Simone, Neil Googe

Whiskey Dickel, International Cowgirl, Mark Ricketts, Mike Hawthorne

JLA, Len Kaminski, Mark Pajarillo
• #1: Origins, David Wohl, Christina Z., Michael Turner
• #2: Revelations, David Wohl, Christina Z., Michael Turner
• #10 / #1: Witch Hunt, Ron Marz, Mike Choi
• #11 / #2: Awakenings, Ron Marz, Mike Choi
• #12 / #3: Gods & Monsters, Ron Marz, Mike Choi

The X-Files, Brian Denham, various writers

• #1: The Lady Wears Red, Don McGregor, Mike Mayhew
• #2: Zorro's Renegades, Don McGregor, Mike Mayhew

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