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Capes, masks & spandex: a focus on superheroes in the movies.

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Graphic Classics
Judge Dredd
Poison Elves
Son of Samson
Spy vs Spy

miscellaneous publishers

Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President, Ginger Turner, Saral Tiwari

The Adventures of the Princess & Mr. Whiffle
The Dark of Deep Below, Patrick Rothfuss, Nate Taylor

Akiko #4: The Story Tree, Mark Crilley

Alien Pig Farm 3000, Todd Farmer, Thomas Jane, Don Marquez

All Star Companion: Vol. 3, various writers & artists

Alpha Shade: Chapter One, Joseph Brudlos, Christopher Brudlos

Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming, Rachel Hartman

Anderson Psi Division: Shamballa, Alan Grant, Arthur Ranson

Ant: Days Like These, Mario Gully, Sean O'Reilly, Ken F. Levin

Are You My Mother?, Alison Bechdel

Armor Quest #1: Genesis, Ben Avery, Sherwin Schwartzrock

The Arrival, Shaun Tan

Asterix & the Actress, Albert Uderzo

Astronauts in Trouble, Larry Young, Matt Smith, Charlie Adlard

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko

Bad Kids Go to Hell, Matthew Spradlin, Barry Wernick, Anthony Vargas, Chris Allen

Ballads, Charles Vess

Battle Pope, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore

The Best of American Splendor, Harvey Pekar, various artists

Black & White Images: Second Annual Collection, various artists & writers

The Black Coat: A Call to Arms, Ben Lichius, Adam Cogan, Francesco Francavilla

Black Harvest, Josh Howard

 Blacksad, Juan Diaz Canales, Juanjo Guardino

Blood Upon the Rose: Easter 1916, The Rebellion That Set Ireland Free, Gerry Hunt

Blue Beetle: Companion, Christopher Irving, various writers & artists

Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story, Frederick Peeters

Bogie Man: Chinatoon, Alan Grant, John Wagner, Robin Smith

series overview, Jeff Smith
• #1: Out from Boneville, Jeff Smith
• #2: The Great Cow Race, Jeff Smith
• #3: Eyes of the Storm, Jeff Smith
• #4: The Dragonslayer, Jeff Smith
• #5: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border, Jeff Smith
• #6: Old Man's Cave, Jeff Smith
• #7: Ghost Circles, Jeff Smith
• #8: Treasure Hunters, Jeff Smith
Rose, Jeff Smith, Charles Vess

The Book of Genesis Illustrated, Robert Crumb

Broad Appeal, various artists & writers

Button Man: The Killing Game, John Wagner, Arthur Ranson

Cancer Vixen, Marissa Acocella Marchetto

The Cartoon History of the Modern World, Part 1, Larry Gonick

The Cartoon History of the Modern World, Part 2: From the Bastille to Baghdad, Larry Gonick

Castaways, Rob Vollmar, Pablo G. Callejo

Cat Burglar Black, Richard Sala

A Child is Born, Billy Tucci

Comic Book Culture: An Illustrated History, Ron Goulart

Complex City: All in a Day's Work, J.E. Smith

Coraline, Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell

Cowboys & Aliens, Fred Van Lente, Andrew Foley, Luciano Lima

Cowpokes: Cow Country Cartoons, Ace Reid

The Crow, James O'Barr

Cry Wolf, Doug Crill, Daniel J. Frey

Dante's Divine Comedy, Seymour Chwast

Dark Hunger, Christine Feehan, Zid

Dark Mists: Kuroi Kiri, Annika Eade, Lee Garbett, Yishan Li

David: The Shepherd's Song, Royden Lepp

Dead Men Tell No Tales, Dwight L. MacPherson, various artists

• #1: Namaha, Siddharth Kotain, Samit Basu, Mukesh Singh

Diary of the Black Widow, Bret M. Herholz

Dignifying Science, Jim Ottaviani

Dirty Stories #3, Eric Reynolds

The DoppleGanger Chronicles #1: The First Escape, G.P. Taylor

Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures!, Chris Wisnia

Dorothy: Vol. 1, Mark Masterson

The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One, Scott Christian Sava

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson, John K. Snyder III

Ed's Terrestrials, Scott Christian Sava, Diego Jourdan

Electric Girl: Vol. 1, Michael Brennan

Elemental Fources, Crisman Strunk, Eric Mullarky, John Becaro, J.C. Grande

Elk's Run, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Scott A. Keating, Noel Tuazon

The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For, Alison Bechdel

Executive Assistant: Iris, David Wohl, Eduardo Francisco

Exit 13, various artists & writers

Eye Collection, Bill Schelly, Ron Frenz

Ezra: The Egyptian Exchange, Sean O'Reilly, Alfonso Ruiz

Fandom's Finest Comics, Bill Schelly

Final Girl, David Hutchison, Lee Duhig

Fire & Brimstone, Richard Moore

Foot Soldiers, Jim Krueger

From the Files of Mike Hammer: The Complete Dailies & Sundays, Vol. 1, Mickey Spillane, Ed Robbins

Fun Home, Alison Bechdel

Generic Trade Paperback, Doug Miers, Amilton Santos

Ghostopolis, Doug TenNapel

Gold Mine! The California Gold Rush Story, Ginger Turner, Shekhar Shimpi

Graphic Classics
• #1: Edgar Allan Poe, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #2: Arthur Conan Doyle, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #3: H.G. Wells, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #4: H.P. Lovecraft, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #5: Jack London, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #7: Bram Stoker, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #8: Mark Twain, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #9: Robert Louis Stevenson, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #10: Horror Classics, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #11: O. Henry, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #12: Adventure Classics, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #13: Rafael Sabatini, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #14: Gothic Classics, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #17: Science Fiction Classics, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #19: Christmas Classics, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #20: Western Classics, Tom Pomplun, various artists
• #24: Native American Classics, Tom Pomplun, various artists

Grimm Fairy Tales
Vol. 1, Joe Tyler, Ralph Tedesco, various artists
Vol. 2, Joe Tyler, Ralph Tedesco, various artists

Gunpowder Girl & the Outlaw Squaw, Don Hudson

Gypsy: Collected, Thierry Smolderen, Enrico Marini

• #1: First Cut, Tim Seeley, Stefano Caselli, Federica Manfredi
• #2: Death by Sequel, Tim Seeley, various artists
• #3: Friday the 31st, Tim Seeley, various artists
• #4: Revenge of the Return, Tim Seeley, various artists
• #5: Reanimation Games, Tim Seeley, various artists
Omnibus, Tim Seeley, various artists

Hand of the Morningstar
• #1: Advent, Brett Burner, Mike Miller
• #2: Resurrection, Brett Burner, Mike Miller

The Hanged Man, Alan Grant, Arthur Ranson

Hatter M
• #1: The Looking Glass Wars, Frank Beddor & Liz Cavalier, Ben Templesmith

Headache, Lisa Joy, Jim Fern

Headstatic, Jay A. Hacker III

Hero Gets Girl: The Life & Art of Kurt Schaffenberger, Mark Voger

Blood Work, Kim Harrison, Pedro Maia, Gamma Magno

How Not to Draw Manga, John Kantz, Chris Reid

Hsu & Chan: Too Much Adventure, Norm Scott

The Illustrated Left Behind, John S. Layman, Aaron Lopresti, Jeffrey Moy

Impact, various writers & artists

Interman, Jeff Parker

Inu-Yasha: Vol. 18, Rumiko Takahashi

The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Brian Selznick

Jack Kirby Collector, John Morrow

Judge Dredd
Apocalypse War, John Wagner, Alan Grant, Carlos Ezquerra
Die Laughing, Alan Grant, John Wagner, Glenn Fabry
The Ultimate Riddle, Alan Grant, John Wagner

Lackadaisy: Vol. I, Tracy Butler

La Muse, Adi Tantimedh, Hugo Petrus

• #1: Noogies, Roman Dirge
• #2: Wedgies, Roman Dirge

The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck, Don Rosa

Life with Mr. Dangerous, Paul Hornschemeier

Little Lit: Folklore & Fairy Tale Funnies, Art Speigelman & Francoise Mouly

Logicomix, Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos H. Papadmitriou, Alecos Papadatos, Annie Di Donna

The Lone & Level Sands, A. David Lewis, Marvin Perry Mann

Lost in Space: Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul, Bill Mumy, Michael Dutkiewicz

Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels, Scott McCloud

The Man from Krypton, Glenn Yeffeth

The Man Who Grew Young, Daniel Quinn, Tim Eldred

Marshal Law: Blood, Sweat & Fears, Pat Mills, Kevin O'Neill

Mercury, Hope Larson

Modesty Blaise
Bad Suki, Pete O'Donnell, Jim Holdaway
Live Bait, Peter O'Donnell, Eric Badia Romero

Mom's Cancer, Brian Fies

Morbid Drive, Ron Cremeans

Moving Fortress, Ricardo Barreiro, Enrique Alcatena

Negative Exposure, Thierry Smolderen, Georges Pop, Enrico Marini

Neozoic, Paul Ens, J. Korim

The Night Bookmobile, Audrey Niffeneger

Nightmares & Fairy Tales #1: Once Upon a Time, Serena Valentino, FSc

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton, Jun Asuga

9-11: Artists Respond, September 11th 2001, various writers & artists

Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me, Harvey Pekar, JT Waldman

On a Pale Horse, Piers Anthony, various writers & artists

Pacific Bound: The Adventures of Lewis & Clark, Lauri Olsen

Pandemonium, Chris Wooding, Cassandra Diaz

Pogo Revisited, Walt Kelly

Poison Elves
• #1: Requiem for an Elf, Drew Hayes
• #2: Traumatic Dogs, Drew Hayes
• #3: Desert of the Third Sin, Drew Hayes

Remembrance of Things Past: Combray, Marcel Proust, Stephane Heuet, Nantier Beall

Road to Perdition, Max Allan Collins, Richard Piers Rayner

Robert E. Howard's Myth Maker, various writers & artists

Robotika, Alex Sheikman

Rose, Jeff Smith, Charles Vess

Samson: Judge of Israel, Jerry Novick, Mario Ruiz

Sandland, Akira Toriyama

Scary Godmother, Jill Thompson

School Bites, Holly Golightly

Scout: The Four Monsters, Tim Truman

• #1: Queen of the Jungle, Robert Rodi, Steven E. de Souza, Matt Merhoff

The Definitive Shi: The Essential Warrior, Vol. 1, Billy Tucci, various artists
Ju-Nen, Billy Tucci, J.C. Vaughn
Senryaku, Gary Cohn, various artists
Tomoe, William Tucci
The Way of the Warrior, William Tucci

Shooting War, Anthony Lappe, Dan Goldman

The Sixsmiths, J. Marc Smith, Jason Franks

Skim, Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki

The Sky Over the Louvre, Bernar Yslaire, Jean-Claude Carriere

Demon Killer, Pat Mills, Glenn Fabry, Dermot Power
The Horned God, Pat Mills, Simon Bisley

Solar, Man of the Atom: Alpha & Omega, Jim Shooter, Barry Windsor-Smith

Son of Samson
• #1: The Judge of God, Gary Martin, Sergio Cariello
• #2: The Daughter of Dagon, Gary Martin, Sergio Cariello

Space Wars, Steve Ditko

Spy vs Spy
Danger! Intrigue! Stupidity!, Antonio Prohias
Masters of Mayhem, Antonio Prohias
Missions of Madness, Antonio Prohias

Stan Lee's Amazing Marvel Universe, Roy Thomas, Stan Lee

Star Trek: The Manga, various artists & writers

Steve Ditko Reader
Vol. 1, Greg Thomaston
Vol. 2, Greg Thomaston

Stitches: A Memoir, David Small

The Storm in the Barn, Matt Phelan

Starling, Sage Stossel

Super Teen*Topia
• #1: Invisible Touch, Kirk Kushin, Gonzalo Martinez

Table for One, Bosch Fawstin

Tales From the Crypt
• #1: Ghouls Gone Wild, Jim Salicrup

Tales of the Terminal Diner, various writers & artists

Tank Girl: The Odyssey, Peter Milligan, Jamie Hewlett

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #4, Jim Balent

The Ten Cent Plague: The Great Comic Book Scare & How It Changed America, David Hadju

Tenth Muse: The Odyssey, Darren G. Davis

Thieves & Kings
• #1: The Red Book, Mark Oakley
The Walking Mage, Mark Oakley

Thorgal: The Archers, Jean Van Hamme, Grzegorz Rosinski

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jun Asuga

Tina's Mouth: An Existential Comic Diary, Keshni Kashyap, Mari Araki

Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir, Liz Prince

Tomoe, William Tucci

• #1: I Was an Eighth-Grade Ninja, Andrew Simmons, Rob Corley, Ariel Padilla

Troop 142, Mike Dawson

Tuesday, Henrik Rehr

28 Days Later: The Aftermath, Steve Niles, various artists

Underlords, Rick Beckley, Abdul Rashid

Unique, Dean Motter, Dennis Calero

Unterzakhn, Leela Corman

Valkyrie, Fred Kida

• #1: Switchblade Kiss, David Conway, Kevin Lau
• #2: Tainted Love, David Conway, Kevin Lau

Nowheresville, Mark Millar, Mike Mayhew
Revelations, Mike Carey, Mike Lilly
Vampirella vs. the Cult of Chaos, Archie Goodwin, various artists
See reviews of other Vampirella collections here.

Varjak Paw, SF Said, Dave McKean

Vixens' Keep, Mark Wallace

Vlad the Impaler, Sid Jacobson, Ernie Colon

The Voyeurs, Gabrielle Bell

The Wandering Ones: Ghost Wind, Clint Hollingsworth

Will Eisner: A Spirited Life, Bob Andelman

Xenozoic Tales, Mark Schultz

Yotsuba&!: Vol. 1, Kiyohiko Azuma

Young Lovecraft, Jose Oliver, Bartolo Torres

Zinc Alloy
• #1: Super Zero, Donald Lemke, Douglas Holgate
• #2: Revealed, Donald Lemke, Douglas Holgate

Zita the Spacegirl, Ben Hatke

Zombies Calling, Faith Erin Hicks

The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, Max Brooks, Ibraim Roberson

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