Eve Goldberg,
A Kinder Season
(Borealis, 2007)

A Kinder Season is Canadian folkie Eve Goldberg's first album of original songs, and in her writing and singing you can hear echoes of Kate Wolf, which to me is not a bad thing at all. She has created a set of good images and metaphors, with strong playing and good harmony singing.

Goldberg has also given us a well-produced album. Each song is framed beautifully, given the instrumentation and playing that it needs. "Pebble on the Water," for example, has only light percussion and four-part vocal harmony.

Goldberg says she wrote the album after the death of her mother. It is her attempt to find joy in a time of great sorrow. The attempt succeeds. Goldberg is a writer who sees and acknowledges the darkness but never gives in to it. The overall tone of the disc is optimistic and you'll come away from it feeling a little better.

Eve Goldberg is a performer who deserves all good things.

by Michael Scott Cain
12 May 2007

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