Jonathan Goldman,
The Lost Chord
(Etherean, 2000)

According to Jonathan Goldman's extensive liner notes, the Lost Chord is the primary sound that launched creation, "a divine sound that could heal and transform." This concept has long fascinated Goldman, and The Lost Chord is an extension of his studies of using sounds and sonics "as a therapeutic and transformational modality."

Tied into the concept of the seven chakras, or centers of energy, the chants on the CD travel from the base chakra to the crown and back again. Goldman employs only human voices and tabla, with occasional bells, for each chant, including Tibetan "Deep Voice" and overtones. The reverberating result is eerie, fascinating and soothing.

Goldman wisely notes that not everyone who listens to the CD is interested in pursuing his studies and suggests a variety of uses, including standard meditation practices. The liner notes explain his theories thoroughly and support the chants, including a description of each. The overall quality is excellent, with painstaking attention to detail. I can vouch for the effect of the chants; I played the CD in my car on a busy highway and felt serene yet alert in spite of the conditions.

The Lost Chord is not for everyone, but Goldman's respect for both the source of the chants and the listener make it a good choice for those who wish to explore this particular form of spiritual enrichment.

[ by Donna Scanlon ]
Rambles: 1 September 2001

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