Terry Goodkind,
Naked Empire
(Tor, 2003)

The story of Terry Goodkind's Naked Empire unfolds in a scorching desert, where Kahlan and Richard, the main characters, face evil and magic and try to confront it. Strange birds of prey follow them closely wherever they go, signposting the start of the mystery that unfolds steadily page by page. Their loyal people follow them in their quest in life. What is going to happen to them? When is their journey going to end? Are they going to survive and avoid the traps the evil sets?

Naked Empire is a story of triumph of the good over the evil. The heroes are good and loyal, yet not impeccable, showing their human nature in every scene. They thus are believable and the readers can see in them their own fears and worries. The language is complex. There is an abundance of adjectives, making the story very descriptive. The style is literary, creating vivid and colourful images. The dialogue is lively and sounds realistic. The plot is full of images and action scenes, complex enough to arouse interest, yet simple to follow.

This story caters to science fiction/fantasy lovers. It is a good read that could make a wonderful film if it had the opportunity. Enjoyable, mysterious and magical, it makes the reader think of life as well.

review by
Liana Metal

5 January 2008

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