T. Ray Gordon & Richard Sellers,
Tears of the Tin God
(Apex Audio Theatre, 2006)

Take a step back in time to visit the future. Richard Sellers has narrated and produced his third adaptation of one of T. Ray Gordon's radio plays originally broadcast on VISTAS of the BEYOND back in 1946. Tears of the Tin God was first heard on WOR out of New York City in October of that year. As was common with radio plays of that era, this audiobook has a different actor for each individual character.

The story revolves around the crew of the United Research Science Vessel Columbus, captained by Gina Adams. These seven scientists/astronauts have been sent to examine a newly discovered planetary system known as Bourne -- named after the original discoverer of the system. While a sister vessel heads to another of the 11 planets, Columbus investigates Bourne Six. The crew is surprised to discover ancient, massive machines. Originally thought dormant, one of the machines comes to life and absorbs Dr. Mark Kendel when he goes in to investigate in person. What ensues is the crews' fight for their very survival, and possibly humanity's survival as well.

In some respects, this tale is even better than the first two Sellers adapted to CD. The story brings up an interesting take on the possible creation of the universe and mankind's evolution. In other respects, the "drama" factor was raised a notch this time around. For the most part, the acting is excellent. Unfortunately -- or fortunately, if you like this old style of radio play -- the writing is a little dated. Storywise this, like the prior releases, could have been penned today. If you add in the best background effects I've heard for audiobooks, overall, this series is worth listening to.

The CD for Tears of the Tin God lasts almost 80 minutes. The cast this time around includes Ann Roderick, David Howell, Lisa McCraw, Monica Olejko and Lisa Schuller. Sellers, besides narrating and producing the T. Ray Gordon series, does voice-overs and other work with his very professional-sounding voice. If you have listened to and enjoyed Inhumanity Quest and Strawberry Automatic, I have no reason to think you would feel any different about Tears of the Tin God. I'm personally looking forward to the next installment of the revised VISTAS of the BEYOND.

review by
Wil Owen

29 September 2007

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