Heart of a Gypsy
(Real Music, 1992)

Welcome to the world of sound effects and wave stations. Just place Heart of a Gypsy into your CD player and hit the play button. Govi is very impressive. He not only plays the instruments, but also does the composing and arranging and works on the mixing and other sound room duties to produce the CDs. He believes in a hands-on approach to his music.

The selections on this CD demonstrate Govi's diversity. They range from slow to fast, run through several styles, and feature different instruments in the lead. "Summer Breeze" has a lullaby feel and will lift the stress from your shoulders. It is difficult to keep your eyes open when listening to this one. It just makes you want to lean back, close your eyes, and allow the music to lead your thoughts to a peaceful place.

"Festiva'l" is a light, plucky, punchy piece with a staccato flute and bouncing bass. The name is quite fitting because it will make you think of a street fair or carnival, especially the open-air South Pacific types.

"Moonlit Shadows" has an intriguing three-note run that is so fast it takes on a rip quality. It is exquisite. This is pure romance and whispers: "Come dance to me." Try this one out in a candlelit living room. It is perfect for dips and spins alternating with that cuddly, snuggly "Fonzie" dancing.

My favorite would have to be either "Danza del Mango" or "Pied Piper." Both are heavily layered, use an assortment of instruments and have heavy percussion. The first is more lively, upbeat and playful, while the latter has a more serious air. Both are magnificent pieces.

Govi plays the electric, acoustic, 12-string and flamenco guitars, charango, wave station, drums, chimes and percussion. He is joined by Jivan on synthesizers and Marcus Zonka, who does the tabla on "In Harmony." "Gitanas" is the only piece not composed, arranged and produced by Govi.

Heart of a Gypsy strikes me as the kind of music that demands candlelight and romance. Try giving this one for Valentine's Day to your love or plan a romantic evening and play it softly in the background. It is definitely a mood setter.

by Alicia Karen Elkins

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