Phamie Gow,
(Greentrax, 2001)

The words "Phamie Gow" on the cover were a bit perplexing to me. Did they refer to title of the disc, a song, person, the band or a place? Turns out, Phamie Gow is not a thing or a place, but a young female composer, and an extremely talented one at that!

At the mere age of 19, Gow wrote, composed and performed LammermuirWinged Spirit, her first, was released in 2000, the year Lammermuir was recorded.)

Gow leads a talented group of guest musicians in this creative tribute to Lady John Scott, who once lived in Gow's family home. Says Gow, "The music has been inspired by the stories, history, nature, Spirit and atmosphere of the Lammiemuir [sic] hills around my childhood home in Berwickshire."

Gow plays the Scottish clarsach (harp) and is joined by musicians including Alasdair Fraser, Eric Rigler, Patsy Seddon, Mairi Campbell and others. Some of the musicians are her fellow students from the academy.

Each one of these tracks conjures Celtic spirit, magic and bittersweet melodies. Notable, though, is "Wild and Stormy Lammermuir," which puts music to a poem penned by Lady John Scott herself, with mesmerizing vocals by Patsy Seddon.

Relaxing, inspiring and captivating, Gow's musical creations stir up a Celtic wind that carries the listener above the amber moors and through the Lammermuir hills. It's not only a journey you won't want to miss, it's one you will want to enjoy over and over again.

[ by Lynne Remick ]
Rambles: 18 May 2002