Graphic Classics #5: Jack London
by various artists (Eureka, 2006)

Fifty pages of new material have been added to an earlier published collection of adventure stories by Jack London.

In his day, London was the most popular writer in America, and is best remembered for fiction that pits man and beast against nature. Tales found here, as interpreted by 17 artists, include "A Thousand Deaths," "To Kill a Man," "The Red One," "Just Meat," "The Wit of Poportuk," "Jan, the Unrepentant," "The Handsome Cabin Boy" and more.

These stories are well adapted, but their impact is sometimes weakened by non-climatic endings (London's fault, not his modern interpretors') and very cartoonish (i.e. minimalistic) art that dilutes the illusion of reality.

This volume is really recommended only for true Jack London fans.

review by
Michael Vance

2 June 2007

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