Graphic Classics #13:
Rafael Sabatini

by various writers & artists
(Eureka, 2005)

Once a celebrated author, Rafael Sabatini is virtually unknown today. Even his tales of the pirate Captain Blood, immortalized in motion pictures by actor Errol Flynn, are slipping into obscurity. If nothing else, Sabatini is proof positive that fame is fleeting.

The 13th volume in the Graphic Classics series of literature adapted into comics is proof that it shouldn't be fleeting. Sabatini wrote high adventure, supernatural tales and other genre stories in novels, short stories and poetry, eight of which are adapted here. They are all deserving of praise.

My favorite art in this collection is by Gerry Alanguilan, who illustrated "The Plague of Ghosts." Rod Lott and Carlo Vergara adapted the infamous "Captain Blood."

But the best story is every story; Sabatini was talented, and these terse adaptations of his work are entertaining and worth your attention.

by Michael Vance
20 May 2006

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