Simon R. Green,
Nightside #5: Paths Not Taken
(Ace, 2005)

Usually, I can't put a Nightside book down. This time, I couldn't pick it back up.

Paths Not Taken is a good bridge between the earlier Nightside novels in which John Taylor does not know his heritage and the discovery that he is the son of Lilith.

In this book, John, Tommy Oblivion and Suzie Shooter go back in time to try and discover the origins of the Nightside so they can stop Lilith from eventually destroying the mystical landscape in the future. But the first 200 or so of the pages of the book are slow-paced (although we do find out how Merlin Satanspawn loses his heart). Fortunately, once the action gets moving, the book is very interesting indeed.

Pity it ends too soon and begins too slowly. Green does set us up for continuing interest in future novels. I do want to stay tuned just to see what happens between him and Suzie.

review by
Becky Kyle

10 May 2008

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