Talia Gryphon,
Gillian Key, ParaDoc #1: Key to Conflict
(Ace, 2007)

I want my money back.

OK, so first, protagonist Gillian Key gets a degree in paranormal psychology BEFORE the paranormals ever come out in the open? Really? What self-respecting university is going to offer that in their curriculum?

Second, the character is a MARINE? Despite the "jarhead" jokes, Marines aren't stupid or uncontrolled. Dr. Key's actions blew her cover right off the bat and continued to make her a laughingstock throughout the story. I've had the honor to know several non-serving female Marines, and none of them would behave in such a manner or condone it among their ranks.

Third, she's up-front having relations with the brother of her client. That alone should get her license pulled.

I read this book hoping I was just getting a bad first impression and that things would get better somewhere along the way. That didn't happen. Though I won't get it, I really do want my money back. And the time it took to read it.

review by
Becky Kyle

20 June 2009

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