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Favourite Scottish Songs
(Greentrax, 2014)

How can anyone expect to fit their favourite Scottish songs on to a single CD of 11 tracks? Greentrax attempted this impossible task for your entertainment and delight, and they succeeded in producing an eclectic mix that will satisfy anyone with an interest in the genre.

With a back catalogue like theirs, they must have been tempted to produce the box set to end all box sets, but in fine Scottish tradition they distilled it down to fewer than a dozen tracks.

Opening with Sheena Wellington raising the hearts of all Scots and many others with "A Man's a Man," the scene is set for a musical helter-skelter. All (well, a lot) of the expected tracks are presented here, such as "The Freedom Come All Ye," "Both Sides the Tweed," "Ae Fond Kiss" and, of course, "Auld Lang Syne."

Added to these are lesser known gems such as Karine Polwart singing "Follow the Heron" and "Sae Will We Yet" by Tony Cuffe.

This CD will serve as a brilliant introduction to the beautiful and moving songs of Scotland, but it should not be neglected by the avid collector who may have many if not all of the tracks presented here, albeit by different performers.

As always with Greentrax we get a lovely, informative insert booklet with the lyrics and a paragraph introducing each song and setting it in context.

music review by
Nicky Rossiter

9 May 2015

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