The Guggenheim Grotto,
Happy the Man
(Road, 2009)

Several years after the release of their successful debut album Waltzing Alone in 2005, Dublin-based duo The Guggenheim Grotto continues to craft well-written, evocative folk-pop songs on their 2009 release Happy the Man. The Guggenheim Grotto has a slick, radio-friendly pop sound, but bandmates Mick Lynch and Kevin May avoid overwrought, cheesy lyrics and instead create music that has wonderful depth and sensitivity.

Slow songs like "Lost Forever" glide gracefully amongst tight vocal harmonies, while songs such as "Sunshine Makes Me High" and "Just Not Just" provide a spirit and atmosphere that make the bouncy, upbeat melodies feel more genuine.

With dynamic melodies and thoughtful lyrics, Happy the Man picks up from where Waltzing Alone left off, and again shows that The Guggenheim Grotto knows how to write music that is heartfelt, original and fun to listen to.

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review by
Elizabeth Delaquess

30 January 2010

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