Michael Gulezian,
Language of the Flame
(Timbreline, 2001)

Language of the Flame brings solo acoustic guitar to new levels, defying categorisation and inventing style.

Michael Gulezian draws on a rich and varied heritage of musical influences to create a challenging sound; the album runs the gamut of emotion from the uneasy, eerie despair of "The Room of Doom" to the soothing and uplifting "I'm No Seismologist Chortled the Metrognome." (!) There is only one song on the CD, but even it escapes the familiarity expected of "Oh Suzannah," as Michael brings a depth and delicacy of feeling to it more akin to a spiritual than the listener would have anticipated.

Language of the Flame is a bright and innovative light in the often dismal confusion of recorded music. Gulezian's consummate skill and flare shines through, demanding attentive listening. His rare and passionate composition and playing forms an intriguing sound one cannot ignore -- his music speaks a complex, intelligent and intricate language indeed.

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 6 December 2003

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