Debra Guy,
That's Miss Passive-Aggressive to You
(self-produced, 2000)

With a voice like Melissa Etheridge and a killer acoustic guitar, Debra Guy belts out passionate songs about hurt and love on That's Miss Passive-Aggressive to You. Although the quality of the recording leaves something to be desired, the basics are there: solid acoustic guitar and simple, straightforward songs that are thought-provoking yet easy to listen to.

Anger simmers under the surface -- just under the surface -- on more than a few tracks. She expresses it with originality and honesty. "What You Ask For" is a frank statement about the way we treat people in relationships: "I never gave you anything you didn't ask for."

The songs have a very personal feel to them -- they seem to come from strong feelings about experiences that she has had. She is a hurt lover in "Invisible Arms," more sad than angry; uncertain of the feelings of a lover in "Pass Me By"; and a resolute lover ending a relationship in "Leaving For Good."

There isn't a lot of variety in the songs on this record; but if you're into frank songs about love and loss, with an Indigo Girls meet Melissa Etheridge kind of feel, Debra Guy will be at home in your record collection.

[ by Rachel Jagt ]
Rambles: 30 June 2001