Christa Haberstock,
A Little More
(Child of God, 1999)

A Little More from Edmonton artist Christa Haberstock is a six-song CD that, like most of Christa's music, reveals her view of the world.

In some ways she could be termed a crossover artist, but a careful listen to the lyrics will reveal that Christa's songs are religious in nature. But her beautiful melodies easily transcend the genre line and stand on their own as wonderfully crafted pieces of music. Like the music of the masters whose timeless works were written originally for purposes of worship, Christa's music is also for the masses and those who enjoy truly beautiful music no matter what its style.

Christa has a degree in music, and she has learned her craft well.

The lyrical content of Christa's music is Christian in nature, but her compositions contain elements of African, Celtic, Middle Eastern and Australian traditions. And, like the title of the CD suggests, Christa leaves you wanting just A Little More.

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review by
Sherrill Fulghum

9 August 2008

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