Ann Halam,
(Laurel Leaf, 2009)

If your young adult readers (and those young at heart) haven't gotten enough of the Percy Jackson series, Ann Halam's Snakehead offers another glimpse into Greek mythos.

In this case, the protagonist is none other than Perseus himself. When he falls in love with a woman he does not at first realize is Andromeda, he sets off to save her from being sacrificed to the sea god, Poseidon. Their mission is to kill Medusa, the Gorgon, who started a war between Athini and Poseidon.

Back as a young-adult reader, I could not get enough of mythology. There's a good bit sprinkled within these pages, while the stories of some little-touched characters are expanded and elucidated. Snakehead is a fascinating read, and one I think all ages will appreciate.

book review by
Becky Kyle

6 August 2011

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