Tate Hallaway,
Garnet Lacey #3: Romancing the Dead
(Berkley, 2008)

Garnet Lacey, a witch, is thinking her life might be returning to relative normalcy now that the Vatican witch hunters and FBI think she is dead. Sure, normal for Garnet isn't your everyday normal -- it simply means she's starting a new coven and she'll continue practicing magic with the goddess Lilith camped in her belly. She's getting engaged to her vampire boyfriend and possibly moving into his haunted farmhouse. Garnet is contemplating all this and much more when her boyfriend, Sebastian, goes missing.

Suddenly Garnet's life changes and contemplations get put on hold as she sets out to find out what happened to her man. Adding to the complications is the mysterious stranger, Micah. Coming to her aid is Matyas, Sebastian's son and former co-conspirator with the Vatican. This character has a lot of depth, and I like what Tate Hallaway has done with his person; she made him intriguing, and he added a lot of humor to this story.

Like the previous books in this series, there is no shortage of the magical and supernatural realm. When Garnet forms a circle and practices her magic you can almost feel her power on the pages. Garnet is a smart and sexy heroine, she is strong in her magic and in her convictions, yet she has no trouble showing her very real and sweet softer side. That makes her extremely tangible and these books incredibly lifelike.

Mixed in with plenty of sex, magic, humor and bloodsucking is an ample amount of mystery, as more than one force seems out to get Garnet and Sebastian. This is an extremely fun and fast-paced novel. The usual suspects reappear as the ultra-unique and ever-entertaining supporting cast. This is a series that I am happily addicted to and I am eagerly waiting for Hallaway to supply my next fix.

review by
Cherise Everhard

21 June 2008

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