G.P. Hardy III,
Angels of Wrath
(Halcyon, 2007)

G.P. Hardy III is a noted trial lawyer who developed his interest in wildlife and environmental preservation as a rancher, avid outdoorsman and successful attorney in toxic tort cases and products liability trials.

Angels of Wrath unfolds in the United States, where scientists have found out the devastating consequences of global warming. A team of scientists specializing in environmental issues tries to let the U.S. president know of the results of their research despite a conspiracy to try and stop them. Who is going to win in the end? What is going to happen to the planet? Will the scientists fulfill their aim and save the planet from destruction?

This novel is undoubtedly a believable story that can attract readers' attention to the environmental problems facing the planet. The author gives a solid explanation of natural disasters such as the tsunami, basing his story on statistics and research. The story involves social, political and scientific aspects and, though the characters are fictitious, the problems of the planet are very real and up to date. Thus, the plot of this story is wonderfully fitted into a nonfiction issue of great concern, raising critical issues about the future in both political and religious contexts.

The language is complex and the style is mainly academic. The main characters are politicians and scientists, but there are simple, everyday people as well. It is a good story that should be read by a wide audience, especially politicians, to realize the threat this planet faces. It caters to everyone who is interested in environmental issues and is used to a formal style of writing.

review by
Liana Metal

28 April 2007

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