Harp 46,
(independent, 2005)

Harp 46 is April Vega on Celtic harp, Nucleo Vega on percussion and Posido Vega on electric bass. The trio's second album Passage includes nine self-crafted tracks, three traditional hymns and a traditional dance tune.

It starts with "Slane," a wonderful rhythmic tune where the musicians demonstrate their skillful playing. It is new age music with a touch of jazz and traditional influences. The music reminds you of the beautiful sound of a mountain brook that makes his way down towards the valley.

Another highlight is "Jesus, Lover of My Soul," an old traditional hymn brought to music with much skill. April plays the most beautiful melodies on her harp and Posido and Nucleo add the brilliant rhythms.

Harp 46 makes its home at the church in Bethesda, and religious themes inspire their music, no matter if they play old hymns or their own compositions like the meditative "A Lot of This World." My absolute favourite is the final track "Unspoken," which is according to the musicians a tribute to their roots in Riverdale when April got her new electric harp.

The CD is a beautiful sample of new age music with traditional influences, interpreted by three gifted musicians. When you listen to their music you automatically feel relaxed, a real chill-out package.

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review by
Adolf Goriup

1 November 2008

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