Charlaine Harris,
Definitely Dead
(Ace, 2007)

Sookie Stackhouse, telepath and barmaid, can't seem to shake the trouble that follows her.

Sookie is summoned by the queen of the vampires to New Orleans. The queen and Sookie's cousin, Hadley, were lovers, and then Hadley was murdered, leaving Sookie sole inheritor of all her things. She must clean out Hadley's apartment, so the witch Amelia, who owns the place, can rent it out again. The king and queen of vampires also require Sookie's attendance at a couple of vampire events.

While Sookie contends with family matters there are a slew of supernatural matters that pop up and also demand Sookie's attention. Debbie Pelt's family wants to meet with Sookie for some answers on the disappearance of their daughter. And, while in New Orleans, Sookie learns a few secrets that will change her views on her life.

OK, I love all the Sexy Supernatural Suitors that come sniffing around Sookie, but I am starting to get tired trying to keep all the men straight. For a woman who claims to want a normal life that includes a husband and children, she sure is acting fickle. Quinn, the weretiger, shows up in Merlotte's to date Sookie. Sookie really seems to want this relationship to work out, she is taking things slow, and I hope it does work out. I don't know how she could juggle another suitor -- or another ex, for that matter.

This was one of my favorite books in the series, and I enjoyed it immensely. It was a quick read and for me helped tie up a few loose ends and unanswered questions from previous novels. I love the creativity these books showcase. The only real problem I had with the book was the way Sookie treats Bill, her once-great love, at the end. The last chapter promises that the next book will be even more exciting.

review by
Cherise Everhard

8 September 2007

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