Charlaine Harris,
Harper Connelly #2: Grave Surprise
(Berkley, 2006)

Charlaine Harris is hitting her stride in this new mystery-paranormal venture. In her first book, Grave Sight, Harris introduced Harper and Tolliver, a brother-and-sister team who travel the country helping to find buried bodies. You see, a lightning strike when Harper was 15 left her with the ability to locate bodies, know the person's name and the cause of their death.

This latest case finds the pair in Memphis, Tennessee, as guest lecturers to a paranormal science class. Dr. Clyde Nunley, the professor, has found records to an old cemetery, and he wants to use them to discredit Harper's talent.

Unfortunately, Harper names the cause of death for every grave she's read -- until the last one, where she realizes that there are two bodies in one grave and she recognizes the newer burial as an 11-year-old girl they'd been hired to find over a year ago.

Tabitha Morgenstern's case was Harper's only failure -- 'til then -- and now she's a suspect in the girl's murder. The action is fast-paced. I found the killer a little too easily, but the mystery was still worth reading.

I'm looking forward to the next episode.

review by
Becky Kyle

9 January 2009

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