Christina Harrison,
Someday I'm Going Home
(Glenanne, 1998)

With the often inferior availability of Celtic music here in the United States, it would be hard to pass up the opportunity to experience a new Celtic singer. However, this musical offering from Christina Harrison, who performs at folk festivals and ceilidhs in Europe, America and Canada, just didn't grab me.

At the very onset, I was intrigued by the introduction to "Without Love" (words and music by Harrison), so much so that I stopped what I was doing to give the CD my full attention. Shortly after, Harrison's soprano vocals and the all too sweet lyrics led the song off in another direction -- the wrong direction.

"Don't Let the Sun Go Down Upon Your Anger" takes the listener on a like path -- charming instrumentals, shrill vocals and awkward, forced rhymes. Similar lyrical complaints are portrayed by the lyrics of the title song, "Someday I'm Going Home."

"You stole me from my dream, lowered my esteem
You took such pride in making me small
You said I had no right, for my land I had to fight
But you know you can't take away my soul."

The music, for the most part written by Harrison, includes some wonderful instrumental spotlights. If only these had not ended so quickly, and without fanfare. Just when I would think, "oooh, this part is good," I'd be returned to a land saturated with sing-song vocals, immature rhymes and drippy lyrics.

Grit ... that's what it is. This disc lacks the "grit" that makes Celtic music come alive for me. I'd rather listen to the sound of a soul singing than the high-pitched coo of a white dove. So, I'm holding out for grit and replaying the old favorites in the meantime.

[ by Lynne Remick ]

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