Lynn Harrison,
(Uncomplicated Records, 2001)

It came as a surprise to find out Lynn Harrison was born a Texas girl. I listened for even the slightest twang and just couldn't hear it. But I couldn't find her adopted Winnipeg there either. She possesses a beautiful, full bodied and crisp voice that is a pleasure to hear. Her writing is fresh and clean, but encompasses the everyday events and activities we all live through without putting nearly as much thought to them.

Perhaps it's that she didn't really put a lot of effort into a career in music until after she had children. The maturity shows in both the writing and singing, she just seems to know what works.

Probably my favorite cut, "My Messy House," is a jazzy little tune about the frantic attempt most of us make to avoid letting even our friends know we occasionally live like slobs: "Does everybody do this, put on such a show, are their places always neat? I guess I'll never know."

"It's A Stage," another favorite, is one of those tunes you catch yourself humming and waltzing across the living room to. It speaks of the stage in the literal sense, "Just an old wooden platform, battered and brown," and the terror of performing for the first time. But also refers to the stages we pass through on our way to maturity: "So he's playing past midnight, his grades shot to hell. And they're worried about him, he's so full of rage. It's a stage, just a stage."

Accompanying Harrison are well-known Canadian musician/composer/producer, David Woodhead ("Sweets and Conundrums"), who plays an assortment of instruments and sings background as well, Al Cross, Kim Ratcliffe, Matthew Shawn Fleming and others. The CD is well produced, with lots of twists and tricks that keep you listening to see what else they'll do. And, it will be interesting to see what Harrison comes out with next.

[ by Sheree Morrow ]
Rambles: 22 September 2001

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