Christina Harrison,
Mrs. Paterson's Daughter: Memoirs of a Glasgow Bairn
(Glenanne, 2007)

Christina Paterson Harrison has subtitled her CD of children's songs "Memoirs of a Glasgow Bairn," and yes, she was the bairn in question. The songs are either traditional or her own compositions, arranged either by herself or Ian Bruce. In addition to Bruce, she is also joined by Sarah Gibb, Shaun Blanchford, Marc Duff, Derrick Spence and Martyn Wheeler on this recording.

The songs on this CD would undoubtedly amuse any child, but also serve the purpose of telling what growing up in Glasgow was like for young Christina. "Egilsay St." tells of games and friends, while "Double Decker" relates the story of how Christina enjoyed riding the bus until the day she got sick. "Christmas in the Tenements" talks about the realities of Christmas for poor children.

Other tunes, however, are more whimsical. "My Pal Nessie" is a fun song about being friends with you know who. "Tune of the Garden Fairies" simply sparkles.

Invite Mrs. Paterson's Daughter home to meet your kids; she's sure to delight.

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review by
Laurie Thayer

3 May 2008

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