Hawkman #3:
Wings of Fury

by Geoff Johns,
Rags Morales
(DC Comics, 2005)

You just have to accept the fact that the dichotomy between Hawkman (a reincarnated Egyptian prince) and Hawkman (an alien police officer) will always be just a little bewildering no matter how many DC writers try to sort it out.

But that doesn't mean there's not a good story or two still buried amid the confusion. Case in point, Wings of Fury, in which Hawkwoman (also an alien police officer) attacks Hawkgirl (a reincarnated Egyptian princess) to find out where Hawkman (the alien) has gone, despite claims by Hawkman (the prince) that Hawkman (the alien) is dead. It might seem too much if I tell you that Hawkman (the alien) also shows up for the fight, but I'll save you some small bit of confusion by assuring you in advance that it isn't really him -- although it is, in fact, an alien.

Trust me, it all comes to a satisfying conclusion.

But there's more to Wings of Fury than that! There are flashbacks, gravestone rubbings, a few college lectures, some archeology, a little animal-rights activism and a voodoo headhunter. There's Black Adam, the dark mirror of Captain Marvel (Shazam!), who is also a reincarnated Egyptian, and Animal Man, who's 100 percent Earthling but got his powers from aliens. Oh, and Hawkgirl goes on a date, but it doesn't end well, even though the guy seems like a very nice fellow.

And yet, it isn't half as confusing as it sounds here, which is probably why I don't write comics for a living. Heck, I enjoyed the book a lot, and I'm sure you will, too, if you like Hawkman and Hawkgirl and Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

by Tom Knapp
24 March 2007

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