Hecate's Wheel,
Hecate's Wheel
(independent, 2007)

If you enjoy mystical, Celtic or Ren Faire-style music, you are going to love this acoustic trio made up of Vicki Scotti, LuAnn Morris and Amy Otero. I'd liken their sound to the Indigo Girls harmonics and folk sentiment with a little more vocal "oomph." Individually and collectively, the group has strong, listenable voices.

This self-titled, 11-song collection is the group's debut. There's a variety of music here, from their first track "Om," a chant that would work fine for opening meditation.

But the collection of original music and covers is not all about pagan worship. Their cover of the Nields' "This Town is Wrong" is about local expectations for a talented girl and asks the question -- why don't you make the rules?

Probably my favorite of the songs on this collection is their cover of Dar Williams' "Mercy of the Fallen." While I like the song solo voice, I was surprised at how much the additional voices added to the sentiment.

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review by
Becky Kyle

26 July 2008

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