Sheila Hendrix,
Bad Company
(Xlibris, 2008)

Bad Company is Sheila Hendrix's first novel, published under the Xlibris label. Her protagonists are two brothers, Zack and Matt McCannon, who conduct paranormal investigations.

This case takes them to steamy New Orleans. Ben, an acquaintance of Zack's, has a problem.

It seems that Joe, a friend of his, has run afoul of a voodoo priest, Papa Solomon. He reports to Ben that he's got trouble and he'll tell him everything, but kills himself before he can. Everyone says Joe committed suicide, but Ben knows better. And he wants the McCannon brothers to investigate. Matt doesn't like the case, but takes it at his brother's urging. Little do they know the voodoo priest is after them, too.

The story's got the history and mystic elements of New Orleans. Add to that, the conflict between the two McCannon brothers that might well cost one of them their lives. ... The situation looks pretty dire.

This is an interesting concept novel with two good point-of-view characters. Bad Company is a quick read at only 72 pages. For the most part, it's enjoyable; however, the manuscript could have used another editorial pass. There were far too many spelling and punctuation errors for a finished publication. This manuscript has the "gem in the rough" quality that needs some polishing to make it shine as it really should.

review by
Becky Kyle

29 November 2008

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