Greg Herriges,
It Plays Me
(New Folk, 2005)

It Plays Me is an album of amazing sounds. Some will have a familiar tone while others betray origins and inspiration from different cultures. The common thread is excellent performance and style.

Greg Herriges opens the album with a very short piece called "Thread" on the slide guitar. One of my favourite pieces is up next, boasting the wonderful title of "Invisible Fireworks." It features the usual guitar but has me intrigued with instruments like the pipa and jing.

Instrumental albums are notoriously difficult to review. Without getting very technical, the reviewer cannot put across the sounds and styles on offer, not that I could do that in any case. I am not a musician. I am a listener and lover of good music and songs, and on this album Herriges delivers.

The CD may not produce a range of hits. Sadly, it may not even get the highly deserved airplay because of the general shortsighted attitude of radio stations. What it will do is mesmerize anyone who gives it a fair hearing.

Not every track will delight. This is because he has recruited a wide range of styles and players and no one can truly love all of them. Having said that if you like good music well played and you like to stretch your imagination and repertoire you will be rewarded.

by Nicky Rossiter
1 July 2006

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