Georgette Heyer,
False Colours
(Sourcebooks, 2008)

When Kit Fancot returns home from his appointment in Vienna, he is surprised to find his vivacious mother fretting not only over her numerous debts, but also over his brother Evelyn's disappearance.

Never one to be caught off guard by his twin being in trouble, Kit is still shocked to discover that Evelyn is not only missing, but on the verge of losing both his new fiancee and his reputation. However, when their mother convinces him to save the situation by impersonating Evelyn, it is Kit who finds himself in deep water with the same fiancee and everyone's reputations!

Heyer's blend of believable characters and absurd circumstances carries False Colours off in fine style. The plot is rather predictable, but the attention to detail and careful pacing elevate this cozy story into a truly charming novel. It may not keep you on the edge of your seat, but it's an engaging comfort read that will keep you soothed and amused for hours.

While not the most exciting or passionate of Georgette Heyer's novels, False Colours offers everything one could wish for in a comedy of manners or a way to move on from Jane Austen. For it is a truth that a forthright heroine, a bold hero and a cast of divertingly human characters are a force to be acknowledged.

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review by
Whitney Mallenby

6 September 2008

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