Georgette Heyer,
Friday's Child
(Casablanca, 2008)

In Friday's Child Georgette Heyer puts her own dramatic spin on the classic "Cinderella" tale.

The impoverished Hero Wantage and reckless Lord Sherington bring the roles of Cinderella and her prince to life in the most literal and genuine ways: Lord Sherington needs a wife due to a decree of his father's will, while Hero's wedding is an instant escape from relatives and work.

From wedding to romance, Heyer's genuine characters absorb the reader into their practical marriage, their practical problems and practically all the twists that "happily ever after" can take. With the main couple married at the beginning, Heyer's psychological delving moves beyond questions of romance to those involved in other life-altering decisions.

While Heyer's romantic touch definitely guides the plot of Friday's Child, the questions behind it are about growing up and what it really takes for someone to change. In both aspects of this novel, Heyer's wit, insight and beguiling protagonists succeed in offering readers an enjoyable journey.

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review by
Whitney Mallenby

18 October 2008

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