Lynne M. Hinkey,
The Un-Familiar: A Tale of Cats & Gods
(Caspian Books, 2016)

The Un-Familiar is a purely delightful sequel to Lynne M. Hinkey's Ye Gods, the first book in the series. I do recommend reading Ye Gods first, though, since so much of this book builds on and develops the themes and characters in that book.

The plot is complex and fascinating: One god wishes to retire from the god business and move on to whatever happens next ... and almost makes it until another god, for his own reasons, drags him back into the god biz as collateral damage. Meanwhile, the gods' familiars, apprentice familiars, normal humans and even various critters get dragged into the events, each with their own take on matters.

I love the descriptions of how the gods work -- it's reminiscent of Terry Pratchett in some ways (notably in his book Small Gods), but elaborates and runs riffs on that.

There's also some interesting social satire, though it is always secondary to the plot and characters. The characters grow and change, too ... even the gods!

This book is very recommended to those who are intrigued. You will not be disappointed!

book review by
Amanda Fisher

19 November 2016

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