Steve Holloway,
Next Stop, Seelie Court
(self-produced, 2002)

Next Stop, Seelie Court is a new CD of sprightly Irish music. Several of the tunes are reels, and all of them carry a timeless energy. They speed by quickly, with nine cheerful dance sets.

"Out on the Ocean" is a traveling tune, featuring the whistle, while "Geese in the Bog" is a more rambling tune for guitar and banjo. Steve Holloway plays with a skilled group of other musicians, including guitarist Donal Clancy, accordionist/pennywhistler Mary Rafferty, accordionist Martin Reilly, fiddler Marie Reilly, guitarist James Reilly, banjo player Donie Ryan, fiddler Bonnie Rideout and bouzouki player Tony Davoren. Individual instruments, especially fiddles, appear quite prominently, leaping to a listener's attention. Played without vocals, instruments vary from the usual fiddle and guitar to the bouzouki and bodhr‡n. In "Reel O'Tulloch," Holloway plays seven different instruments.

The title refers to the fairy kingdom, illustrated by the curious cover of fairies flying around inside a train. The music makes excellent traveling or dancing music, filled with rhythm and bright, upbeat tunes. It conveys a sense of old Ireland, with townsfolk dancing and fiddling to celebrate special events. This CD is a wonderful expression of traditional Irish songs, each one light and delightful.

- Rambles
written by Valerie Frankel
published 12 April 2003

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