Hollyfield & Spruill,
Blue and Green
(self-produced, 1998)

Blue and Green is a second CD for folk duo Lynn Hollyfield and Nina Spruill. Composed mostly of original songs, it features both women on vocals and guitar. Spruill also plays alto flute on several tracks, while Hollyfield can also be found on mandolin. The inclusion of Spruill's flute on several tracks was, in my opinion, a wise decision. The flute is an instrument not often used and the alto flute has a particularly rich sound.

Although the majority of the songs on the CD were written by Hollyfield, there are also a couple by Spruill. There is a single instrumental track on the CD, "Coming Home," which features Hollyfield on guitar and Spruill on alto flute.

The most entertaining song on the CD is "Bad Kitty," co-authored by Lynn and John Hollyfield. It's a bluesy romp about the "evilest kitty you ever did see," with Spruill on alto flute and "kitties." Anyone who has had an untrainable cat will sympathize. There are two "coffee" songs, Webster and Burke's "Black Coffee" and Oakland and Drake's "Java Jive." Let's hear it for caffeine!

Other stand-out tracks include Hollyfield's "Cold as Stone," with crisp vocals and Spruill on alto flute. "Feel Like Seeing You" again includes Spruill's flute. It's a sad, more than slightly bluesy lament about wanting to see a missing lover. The tender "Keely's Song" is sung to Hollyfield's daughter.

Blue and Green is a mostly quiet, pleasant CD with occasional surprises. The duo's voices, guitars and alto flute are very enjoyable, with guest musicians adding just the right touch of spice to the mix.

[ by Laurie Thayer ]