Bruce Holmes,
Life's an Intelligence Test
(independent, 2006)

This multi-instrumentalist is a teacher, science-fiction author and award-winning songwriter who at one time wanted to be one of the Beatles. Instead, Illinois resident Bruce Holmes turned his hand to folk music.

Holmes' debut CD, Life is an Intelligence Test, is a collection of mostly original folk and Celtic-styled songs with a cover of "When the Ship Comes In" by Bob Dylan.

Like Canada's singing storyteller Gordon Lightfoot, Holmes uses his music to tell stories about the complexities of life. Not only does Holmes tell stories similar to Lightfoot, he also sounds a bit like Lightfoot. His songs sometimes take the form of one-sided conversations.

Holmes produces songs that at times are real tearjerkers that can rival the best country music has to offer. While his songs are at times a bit comical -- like the title track, "Life is an Intelligence Test," which is performed as if it were live complete with the audience participation -- it is best to keep the tissue box handy when listening to Holmes sing his stories.

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review by
Sherrill Fulghum

2 August 2008

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