A.H. Holt,
Blood Redemption
(Thomas Bouregy & Co., 2008)

Ann Holt's westerns have always been exciting and gripping, and this one -- her fifth novel -- is no exception. Holt, with studies in American history and museum work, has been writing westerns for many years.

Blood Redemption is set in Arizona, where two relatives, Red and Wes, confront one another. Red, the hero of the story, is a handsome cowboy who goes through a lot of adventures 'til he finally finds justice. Wes, his cousin, is the villain who tries to undermine Red and his family.

The author uses her talent skillfully in depicting true characters who illustrate the right time and place aspects of the western that unfolds page by page. The first chapter is so absorbing that the rest of the story can be read in one sitting. The reader will wonder what happens next to their hero, and the plot is absolutely interesting to the very end.

The colloquial language of the dialogue shows quite well the specific features and backgrounds of the characters. There is subtle romance involved, and social issues particular to that time that make this reading more interesting. It is educational in regards to the traditional elements involved in the story, and highly enjoyable. It caters to all the family, those who love adventure, fast-paced novels and cowboys. It reminds me of good old western movies!

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review by
Liana Metal

9 August 2008

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