A.H. Holt,
Silver Creek
(Avalon, 2003)

Silver Creek is an old-fashioned western set in Arizona. The story involves the hero, John Garrett, who returns to Silver Creek to help his father clear his name, and the heroine, Andrea Blaine, who falls in love with John without knowing his real identity and intentions.

There is a mystery, two murders, a little romance and a lot of action to the very end of the story. Readers will be hooked by the first chapter of the book and John's desperate attempt to stay alive after his being shot at a gunfight.

Reading this novel is like watching a western movie. Vivid scenes of fights and mysterious encounters liven up the plot, while a love story unfolds in an old western setting. As the story gradually progresses, readers will feel the suspense and mystery envelop them.

Silver Creek caters to anybody who loves fiction, young and old. It has all the elements a good novel should have, and it keeps the reader's attention intact to the last pages.

Being a historian, Anne Holt gives a striking description of the era that adds a tint of cultural education to the novel. Also her own life experiences -- she grew up on a big farm in Virginia -- have helped her tremendously in writing about riding horses, tending cattle, cooking over a campfire and guns.

by Liana Metal
6 January 2007

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