Tanya Huff,
Smoke & Ashes
(DAW, 2006)

Tony Foster is moving up the ranks on the set of Canada's only syndicated vampire detective show, The Darkest Night. Despite a hard life during his youth on the streets, he's working hard to make the director's chair.

The only problem is that real-life supernatural events keep interfering. In this third book of the Smoke series, a Demonic Convergence threatens to loose the demons from hell and end the world as we know it.

This time, Tony's powers as a wizard are no secret. His boss, Chester Bane, actually gives him time off to stop the Convergence -- not that he's got a choice, since it seems the focus spot for the demons to come in is Darkest Night's sound stage. Also, the demon fighting team has a few more players: Amy, the odd but fearless secretary; Mountie Jack, who's been following the oddness surrounding Tony for a long time; and even Lee, the "human sidekick" of the TV show's vampire, Raymond Dark (Mason).

We also get a romance interest. Lee, who Tony previously believed was straight, is definitely putting his flirt on. Henry Fitzroy, a vampire and Tony's old love interest, is back and, well, he never gave up on him and Tony being together.

There are some slow spots at the end, but overall this book is funny and fast-paced. The series is picking up and I certainly hope there are more of them.

book review by
Becky Kyle

4 September 2010

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