Tanya Huff,
Smoke & Shadows
(DAW, 2005)

If this is the first Tanya Huff book you're considering, please start with the Victory Nelson series: Blood Price, et al, is in my opinion Huff's finest work. Smoke & Shadows launches a spinoff series.

Tony Foster, the point-of-view character from this series, has broken his ties with his vampire lover, Henry Fitzroy, and has gone to Vancouver to study film. He's landed a plum job as production assistant on an Angel-like television show.

When one of the actresses ends up dead, Tony discovers his crew is in deep trouble. A ShadowLord has passed through a gate near the set and he's got to stop them -- while he's keeping his job in showbiz.

I probably would have rated this book higher if it was a new author and a new series, but this is Tanya Huff and she's gotten off to something of a slow start here. I hope Smoke & Mirrors, the sequel, is an improvement. Still, this is not a bad read. Just be sure and start with the books this one spun off from first.

review by
Becky Kyle

17 July 2010

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