Alan Hull,
(1979; Market Square, 2007)

Market Square continues the invaluable public service of re-issuing albums that have been out of circulation for decades.

Alan Hull was a co-founder of Lindisfarne, and after the initial spilt in 1973 he performed solo and with other groups. In 1979 he released Phantoms, but it has long been out of circulation -- until now.

Listen here for a slice of the best of those folk sounds of the late 1970s.

"Anywhere is Everywhere" reminds us of the Lindisfarne days with references to "fog on the Tyne" in a rocking rendition with a live performance feel. A favourite track is "Make Me Want to Stay," with a lovely "piano bar" sound before blooming with a stronger beat and brass backing. "A Walk In the Sea" is a very strong track that has a sound recalling all that was great about the good music of the era.

For an interesting track title, try "Madmen & Loonies." "Love is the Answer" reminds me of a track from Blood Brothers at times, again recalling an era. A track from Hull's Radiators days has the delightful title, "Spittin' in the Wind."

Among the bonus tracks are unreleased demo versions of the songs you hear as finished articles on the earlier section of the album.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

24 January 2009

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