Barbara J. Hunt,
Play My Heart
(independent, 2009)

British singer-songwriter Barbara J. Hunt believes that humankind is finally waking up, getting beyond its narcissistic obsession with self and beginning to recognize that we are all one, we are a unity, sharing a life experience in a universe that is expanding like a loaf of raisin bread. She does not include a biography in her press kit or on her website because to do so would emphasize her individuality rather than the inclusive qualities of her being that she wants to share with us.

I call these facts to your attention because they have a bearing on her music, which is designed to help bring about the awakening. She's a very intense singer and writer. Even a love song like "Heal Me" becomes a larger statement in which the speaker wants the object of her love to heal her with his touch, while "Halleluiah" continually asks in its chorus, "Who are you, who are you," carrying the defiant implication that the person being addressed is more than an individual.

These lyrics are presented in a voice and guitar style that reminds you of the early Joni Mitchell.

To my mind, Play My Heart is an album best listened to in pieces. Listen to it straight through and the intensity gets to be a little much.

review by
Michael Scott Cain

9 May 2009

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