Huntress: Cry for Blood
by Greg Rucka, Rick
Burchett, Terry Beatty
(DC Comics, 2002)

The "Batman" label at the top of this book is strictly for marketing purposes.

Sure, the Batman does appear in the book, and he plays an important role. But this is a tale about the Huntress, plain and simple. And her leading man in this case is not the Bat, but the Question.

A mafia killing in Gotham reopens old wounds and points an accusatory finger at Helena Bertinelli, a.k.a. the Huntress. Batman doesn't trust her, and Nightwing, Robin and Oracle follow his lead. But the Question, an enigmatic and faceless crimefighter from DC's B-list of characters, offers her surprising trust, support and even an avenue for additional training.

Cry for Blood digs deeply into Helena's past and traces the history of Gotham's mafia ties back to Sicily. Before the story is over, Helena's self-perceptions will change, and her relationship with the both Bat-family and the Question will turn in new directions. It drags a bit at times, as there is a great deal of exposition and family history to explore, but overall, it's a solid chapter in Bat continuity, giving readers much to ponder -- including some new questions -- regarding the Huntress.

by Tom Knapp
30 December 2006

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